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Explore all the wonders of the 1000 Islands with your own boat & captain!

Our Tour Packages

Meet your Captains

Vincent Donnelly is an esteemed licensed captain with an extensive knowledge and deep-rooted familiarity with the captivating 1000 Islands region. With a passion for the waterways and a profound understanding of its intricate nuances, Vinny possesses an unparalleled expertise in navigating these picturesque islands. Whether it's the historical landmarks, hidden coves, or secret passages, he effortlessly guides visitors through this enchanting archipelago. With an astute understanding of the region's ecology and rich cultural heritage, Vinny shares captivating tales and anecdotes, breathing life into each island and imparting a profound appreciation for this natural wonder. With Vinny as your guide, an unforgettable journey through the 1000 Islands awaits, revealing the hidden treasures and untold stories of this mesmerizing destination.


Ethan Fiorentino is a licensed captain with a profound understanding and familiarity of the enchanting 1000 Islands region. With his extensive experience navigating these picturesque waterways, Ethan has established himself as a trusted expert in providing exceptional journeys through this captivating area. His intimate knowledge of the islands, their hidden treasures, and the rich history that permeates the region allows him to curate unforgettable experiences for passengers. Ethan's passion for the 1000 Islands shines through in his attentive guidance and genuine enthusiasm as he shares intriguing stories and fascinating facts about the area's natural wonders and cultural heritage. Whether it's discovering secluded spots or visiting iconic landmarks, Ethan's expertise ensures that each voyage under his command is an immersive and memorable adventure for all fortunate enough to join him.

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